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Established to the nursing shortage

Agapes’s Medical Staffing is a privately held healthcare staffing company in Massachusetts.
Established to respond to the nursing shortage.

Thinking of utilizing Agapes’s Medical Staffing for your staffing needs?

We understand a client’s need for highly qualified, expertly trained medical professionals. With access to thousands of medical and administrative professionals across Massachusetts, Agapes Medical Staffing is able to quickly fill medical staffing.
Why choose Agapes’s Medical Staffing
We care about your medical staffing needs, and we will do everything we can to ensure your facility is provided with the most qualified professional to meet your staffing needs for success.

We are investigating

After meticulous gathering of information about medical facilities staffing needs and resolutions, we have acquired sufficient knowledge and experience to fulfill an individualized experience to your staffing needs. According to recent study; “A multivariate analysis of nurse staffing and patient outcomes reported that when RN staffing is increased, there were significant improvements in patient mortality following a medical or surgical complication. Additional data showed a decrease in pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and sepsis. Further data revealed that higher staffing was linked to shorter lengths of stay. Spetz, J., Harless, D., Herrera, C., & Mark, B. (2013, August). Using minimum nurse staffing regulations to measure the relationship between nursing and hospital quality of care. Medical Care Research and Review, 70(4), 380–399. DOI: 10.1177/1077558713475715”. We can see that proper staffing is critical to patient outcomes and the overall success of any medical facility.

Experience is everything

With experience in facilitating facilities with proficient medical staffing we’ve come to understand the importance of creating the staffing resources for every client’s unique needs. We interview eligible, experienced, and qualified staff and coordinate placement to facilities suitable for clients and healthcare providers to optimize staffing success and overall success to your business.
Best Medical Staffing in The Region

Agapes’s Medical Staffing is a privately held healthcare staffing company in Massachusetts.

Healthcare professional shortage, Agapes Medical Staffing has a solid history of providing superior service in medical staffing and job placement in medical professions.

Agapes Medical Staffing is able to attract highly qualified medical professionals by offering a wide range of benefits, and by utilizing thorough and precise methods to assure qualified health care providers who are passionate about what they do. Our Staffing Consultants provide each candidate with personal attention, ensuring that they are carefully screened and qualified before matching them with the perfect position.

What People Say About Us
Agapes’s Staffing have provided their service for my daughter for 5 years now. Agapes’s Staffing have provided me with great communication during this period of time. The service we have received from their careers has been great. They are lovely and very hard working.
William Perez


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and to all the Careers you have provided over the period for an efficient and professional service, yesterday was made that much easier by the cheerful and uncomplaining help that your carer gave us.
Jasica lenon

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